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Chicago Muni Fund Grows Watch List, Scraps Search

– The Chicago Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund (MEABF) Board of Trustees elected recently to add equity managers CastleArk Asset Management and Geneva Capital Management to its watch list, IMMP has learned.

SEC In Slow-Moving Probe of Kansas Pension Disclosure

– The Kansas Public Employees Retirement System is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for its pension disclosure practices, a probe that began in 2010, according to a KPERS spokeswoman and bond documents.

Montana Pension Board Considers SRI Search

– The Montana Public Employees’ Retirement Administration (MPERA) is currently contemplating a new allocation to socially responsible investing (SRI) funds, plan documents indicate.

Manulife Adds Midwest Institutional Sales Veteran

– Manulife Asset Management has added Nathaniel Hennigar, a 16 year industry veteran, to its institutional sales team to help grow the firm's presence in the Midwest U.S. region.

Louisiana Firefighters Schedule PE Finalist Talks

– The Louisiana Firefighters’ Retirement System (FRS) Board of Trustees has agreed to interview CCMP Capital Advisors and Private Advisors for a potential private equity buyout manager allocation, plan documents indicate.

Ohio Pension Posts Hedge Fund Consultant RFP

– The Ohio Public Employees’ Retirement System (OPERS) is accepting proposals from consultants to advise the more than $91 billion plan’s investment staff on hedge funds.

Chicago Teachers’ Tout New Commodities Course

– The Public School Teachers’ Pension and Retirement Fund of Chicago (CTPF), with the help of investment consultant Callan Associates, is requesting proposals from commodities managers, IMMP has learned.

Pension Underfunding Spurs Wave of Moody's Downgrades in Illinois

– Moody's Investors Service has hit well over a dozen Illinois municipal credits — led by Chicago and Cook County — with single and multiple notch downgrades over the last year primarily due to the strains of their unfunded pension liabilities.

Heifer Foundation Hunts for Int’l Equity Managers

– The $90 million Heifer International Foundation, based in Little Rock, Ark., has opened up bidding for a new international equity search, according to procurement documents made available by investment consultant Dahab Associates.

Moody's Weighs Possible Pension Outcomes in Stockton

– A decision that would allow Stockton, Calif. to reduce its pension liabilities, something the judge in the city's bankruptcy case indicated is a possibility, would be a positive development for bondholders in ongoing municipal bankruptcies, according to Moody's Investors Service.

Norfolk County Pension Searches Small-Cap Market

– The Norfolk County Retirement System (NCRS), based in Canton, Mass., is currently accepting proposals from growth managers in the small-cap segment, IMMP has learned.

New Jersey Pension Struggles Seen to Continue

– All three branches of the New Jersey government will be talking about the state's unfunded pension liability in the next few months, but many observers doubt whether the problem will be handled responsibly any time soon.

Louisiana Teachers Approve $200M PE Allocation

– The Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) Board of Trustees gave the green light to invest up to $200 million with three private equity fund managers, confirmed Dana Brown, the plan's director of public markets.

New Haven Pension Plans Int’l Equity, Alts Searches

– In addition to proposing equity asset allocation changes, the New Haven City Employees Retirement Fund (CERF) Board of Trustees heard recently that its investment consultant Morgan Stanley is planning to search the market for international equity and alternative managers, new plan documents indicate.

Corbett Signs Budget, Urges Pension Overhaul

– Gov. Tom Corbett deleted $72.5 million from lawmakers’ spending plan in a line-item veto while signing Pennsylvania's $29.1 billion budget and repeating his call for pension overhaul.