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Outsourcing as a Profitability Driver in the Asset Management Industry

Publisher: Andrew Houston, Co-founder of Amba Research

In this white paper, Amba Research Co-Founder Andrew Houston discusses how cost-cutting at asset management firms has positively affected the outsourcing business.

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Consumption-Based Fundamental Asset Allocation

Publisher: The Willis Group

This white paper, authored by Michael G. Willis of The Willis Group, introduces Consumption-Based Fundamental Asset Allocation and its immediate relevance to Institutions and Investors.

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Beyond Long Only

Publisher: Invesco Quantitative Strategies

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Finding Opportunities in the High Yield Bank Loan Market

Publisher: Seix Investment Advisors

Seix Advisors highlights the current opportunities available in the bank loan market.

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The Future Shock of Retirement

Publisher: Jonathan Cohen, Matthew H. Scanlan and Matthew O'Hara

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